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Looking beyond

The future of roofing is already taking shape at our Technical Centre locations in Germany, France and the UK. These state-of-the-art facilities house our passionate and dedicated teams of scientists, designers and engineers, all working to find new ways to enrich our built environment and improve quality of life for occupants. From membranes that purify the air around them, to streamlined solar technologies and concrete tiles that weigh up to 40% less, we are constantly looking to expand the possibilities of roofing.


tile being manufactured in factory

Realistic Testing

Before we even consider taking our systems to production, they must first pass a series of stringent tests designed to recreate the extreme conditions they may face once installed. To make these tests as accurate as possible, we operate a network of weather stations in eight countries across the globe. In combination with continued measurements and meteorological records and our own experience, we can build a complete picture of the challenges a roof will face in different parts of the world during its lifespan.


Wind & Rain

High winds and wind driven rain pose an arduous challenge for any roof construction, particularly at ventilation points such as ridge and hip joints. To ensure our solutions keep you safe and dry, we operate a purpose-built wind tunnel. This industry leading facility can be calibrated to any pitch and simulates wind speeds up to severe gales, allowing us to thoroughly examine the solution’s resilience. Our experts also run further tests that simulate hail bombardments to assess how well our systems can stand up to even the harshest conditions.

Wind uplift opening close up

Sun protection

Roofs are exposed to sunlight and with this UV radiation throughout the day. Our accelerated UV tests simulate decades of exposure in a matter of weeks, providing complete confidence in the longevity of our solutions.



Freeze-Thaw and Thermal Shock

The exposure to freeze-thaw or rapid temperature changes can cause roofs to leak, or fail completely, when you need them most. We test our solutions in the extreme cold and recreate the impact of hundreds of thermal shock events occurring in rapid succession to ensure excellent resistance.

Thermal shock / frost image


Acid Rain

The acidity of rain in cities and towns can reduce the lifespan of roofing surfaces. We expose our solutions to the worst naturally occurring acidity levels they may face.

Rain on a roof


Fire Performance

Safeguarding the lives of everyone within a building is a fundamental concern for everyone involved in the design and construction of a building. We use a suite of tests to assess each system’s performance in a range of scenarios.


Laying Test

In addition to these natural challenges, it is also vital that solutions are hardy enough to withstand handling on a typical work site. Laying tests are carried out to eliminate any product weaknesses, confirming the new products are safe and easy to install. To support installation, we also offer dedicated training programmes covering a range of roof types.

Roofer installing tiles


Find out more

Find out more

Learn about the latest developments in roofing technology, and how they are improving the environment.

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