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Reliable seal

When specifying a landfill liner or ground waterproofing, designers have to measure performance in decades, rather than years. Our bitumen geomembrane solutions have been developed to provide a robust protective layer which will maintain their water-tight seal over time. Their flexible characteristics allow them to cope with structural movements and temperature variations without tearing or deteriorating. The membranes are also highly resistant to puncturing stresses, often allowing them to be installed without a caution layer, and can easily handle prolonged UV exposure and severe climatic conditions. Their enhanced chemical resistance also makes them an ideal solution for drinking water reservoirs, by protecting the water from any chemicals in the ground below. 

Simpler installations

Our line of BGM solutions can be rapidly installed in virtually any weather conditions. The elastomeric bituminous blend used within the fabrication of the solutions allows them to be quickly anchored and fitted to any shape of substructure.
Landfill and ground waterproofing