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Complete protection

Few projects place a greater demand or reliance on waterproofing technologies than mining operations and major hydro-electric projects such as dams and reservoirs. From the early beginning of the project, the systems must be designed to handle a variety of issues including chemical aggressions, structural movements, extreme temperature variations and gas-related hydraulic pressure. Our bitumen geomembranes deliver outstanding mechanical properties in these applications, providing complete confidence that the structures will remain water-tight over time. 

Manufactured from SBS elastomeric bitumen reinforced with a non-woven polyester geotextile, the solutions can typically resist puncturing stresses without the need for additional safety layers. Their excellent chemical resistance also makes them a natural choice as an environmental protection measure for mining waste deposits. Our experienced technical support team work with project teams to ensure each solution meets their requirements. 

Long-term performance

Extensive testing has shown that our bitumen geomembranes offers excellent resistance to sunlight, extreme temperatures and adverse weather. Their superior longevity has also been proven in the field. The membranes have been used on projects for over 40 years and continue to provide effective waterproofing on these early applications. 

Geomembrane on gold mine

Flexibility and ease of installation

The flexible nature of the elastomeric bituminous blend allows the layers to be installed far more quickly than other alternatives. The geomembranes can be simply anchored and joined to any shape of  structure. They are also unaffected by climatic conditions during the installation.

Installation image