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Safety and invention

Safety and invention

Concrete tiles are a popular choice for pitched roofs across the world – providing an attractive and robust solution which keeps costs under control. Some of BMI Group’s very first concrete tiles, produced back in 1844 at a cement factory in Staudach, Germany, are still on roofs today. Our extensive modern tile solutions respect the material’s traditional qualities, whilst introducing new inventions in design including simpler installation methods and improved membranes and insulation, making life easier and safer for roofers, and buildings more comfortable for occupiers.

Lightweight technology

Weight is a key consideration on any roofing project. The advanced composition and design of our Aerlox tiles can help to reduce tile weight by 40% whilst still retaining all the benefits of a standard concrete tile. High performance insulation and lightweight guttering also help to further minimise structural support requirements. This means that, for the first time, owners refurbishing weaker roofs can now fit “real” tiles. It’s also great news for installers, offering the potential to reduce repetitive strain injuries from lifting heavy tiles.


Low-pitched roofs

To meet the trend for pitches lower than 15 degrees, our expert technicians have developed specialist concrete tiles and accessories. These can provide a traditional aesthetic that is suitable for these lower pitches with no compromise in strength.

Building with a low-pitch roof

Cool roof innovation

Special pigments within the surface of our Protegon tile allow them to reflect up to three times more infrared rays than traditional roof tiles. This keeps the underside of the tiles up to 10°C cooler than alternatives, cooling the surrounding air and improving thermal comfort in the space below. Protegon also has high corrosion protection and is resistant to greening.




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