A combination of Icopal and Redland, we are UK and Ireland’s only solutions provider and manufacturer of both flat and pitched roofing systems, making us uniquely placed to support any building’s needs. BMI is a new name, backed-up with over 180 years of experience and knowledge. Bringing together industry-leaders and their expertise in the specification, manufacture and supply of pitched and flat roofing solutions; united to deliver excellence for our customers.

Our team of experienced roofing specialists can help you to identify the best solution for your roofing project, utilising our vast portfolio of solutions and expertise, coupled with scientific analysis of your current roofing system.

Sharing our roofing expertise with you

We understand the challenges that many surveyors face. Our team are roofing specialists and together we can identify new ways to minimise risks associated with surveying and refurbishing a roof,  whilst keeping the installer, building occupants and the client safe. Here’s a recent overview video from the RICS National Conference explaining how we can support you
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Sharing our roofing experience with you

How can we support you with your roofing project