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Why work with BMI?

Empower, Connect, Evolve, and Inspire - these are the values that drive us and make BMI a company where you can thrive and grow

BMI Group is not just a world leader in the supply of total roofing systems. It is a place where people can reach their full potential.


We have operations all round the world, and a wide range of different job roles and opportunities to offer. With our global resources, local knowledge, and commitment to career development, we are geared to enable you to succeed.


We encourage our employees to constantly look at ways to improve themselves, our products, and the processes we use. Then we help them to make it happen.


From our knowledgeable sales advisors to our digital specialists, our technical experts to our skilled factory workers, we value every role. But it is the connection that we have as a team where the real magic happens.


Working together we can achieve great things. Come and join us.

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Employee stories

Many of our employees have grown and developed their careers at BMI Group. Read their stories here.

What a career with BMI can offer

With training, support and opportunities to develop, working with BMI is a chance for you to show the world what you can do.

BMI Redland training day
Career Development

Being given the opportunity to develop is the key to a fulfilling career. BMI Group values and supports its employees in finding that fulfilment.

BMI Braas customer service representative

BMI Group employs a wide range of people and promotes equal opportunities for all.

Career fields

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Organising people and data to help keep the business running smoothly, with the ability to use CRM and other digital systems.

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Identifying key messages and presenting clear and compelling information to our internal and external stakeholders, using multiple platforms.

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Understanding accounts-based systems, interpreting and forecasting figures to support and drive the business.

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Helping employees to get the most out of their career and providing essential HR support and guidance at every level of the business.

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Operating out in the field to install our comprehensive range of roofing and waterproofing systems to the highest standards.

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Providing technical expertise and support in a fast-moving digital world. Keeping up with the latest developments in processes and technologies.

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Understanding the legal frameworks for construction and manufacturing, understanding and safeguarding the interests of the business.

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Helping to establish the global BMI brand, raise awareness and grow the reputation of the business across multiple markets and sectors.

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Operations (Health and Safety)

Ensuring that the highest levels of health and safety good practice are implemented in all facilities, and that relevant regulations are observed.

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Operations (Industrial)

Acquiring and maintaining appropriate plant and machinery to ensure efficient manufacturing and reliable production.

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Operations (Process management)

Monitoring, assessing and implementing processes to drive efficiencies, improve turnaround and provide quality assurance.

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Operations (Procurement)

Selecting vendors, establishing payment terms, strategic vetting, negotiating contracts and purchasing goods, services, and work that is vital to the business.

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Operations (Production)

Manufacturing our market leading products, providing quality control and assurance, monitoring and maintaining adequate stock levels.

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Operations (Supply Chain)

Sourcing high quality materials, ensuring reliable supply for customers and providing best value for the business.

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Operations (Technical Centre)

Researching and developing systems and solutions to meet the present and future needs of the market. Testing products to ensure optimum performance.

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Sales (Customer Service)

Providing an exceptional level of service and support to customers, from initial enquiry, through design and installation, to after sales care.

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Sales Strategy

Identifying market trends and sectors for growth. Creating and implementing strategies to support business development in fresh markets.