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Designing your roof

Whether you are refurbishing an existing roof, or building a new one, finding the right design is the first step towards creating the look and functionality you want. Flat or pitched – both options have their own attractions and possibilities, with the potential to create more than just a sheltering structure.
The first consideration is the nature of the building and the aesthetic you want to achieve. For example, a 40-50° pitched roof using our beautiful clay tiles can offer the warm, traditional look that many people enjoy. Or you could go for a more streamlined, modern appearance with sleek metal tiles and a low profile with a pitch of less than 15°, allowing more headroom in the living space below without increasing the overall height of the building. 
A flat roof typically offers a straightforward option for large buildings, often providing a practical space to accommodate building services and plant rooms. But this blank canvas could also become a natural habitat, an environmental asset, a means of generating energy, or simply an additional outdoor room for your home.
Whatever your preference or your needs, as the only global manufacturer and supplier of both pitched and flat roofing systems, BMI can help you to find the ideal solution.


Flat roof installation


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Flat roofs

Our flat roof solutions include traditional bitumen membranes, flexible synthetic membranes and seamless liquid applied waterproofing.

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Pitched roofs

Tactile clay, robust concrete and lightweight metal tiles provide aesthetics and performance for our pitched roof solutions.

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The sky is the limit

It’s not simply a question of topping off a building. A little creative thinking, and some expert help to make it happen, can turn your roof into one of your greatest assets.


With the right BMI roof system to provide a durable, weatherproof framework, you can become a creator of green spaces, a generator of power, a harvester of water or a cleanser of the air. Old roofs can be transformed. New roofs can be optimised. Together we can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Inboard PV panels on pitched roof


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Roofing knowhow

Because we have spent decades developing and producing roofing systems for projects all across the world, we understand what works. Whether it is avoiding problems with condensation, ensuring clear drainage channels, designing for wind uplift and snow loading, or simply calculating how many tiles you need to create that perfect pitch, our experts are here to help you every step of the way.


Training on roof detailing


BMI creates solutions, not just products

How systems work

The performance of a roof depends on more than a single component. It is the interaction of all that gives it strength, durability and a beautiful finish.