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Solar PV systems for commercial buildings

With energy prices rising and an increased focus on sustainability, solar power is more important than ever. We all need to think differently about renewable energy and make it a more central part of commercial buildings and businesses, and solar power is an excellent place to start.

By lowering reliance on conventional power, solar power reduces environmental harm - with no dependence on extraction of fossil fuels, and no CO2 emissions produced in generation, it’s truly the way forward. Imagine a world where the rooftops of all commercial buildings were fitted with the latest solar power technology. How much of an improvement would that make on the environment?

Designed to help you balance energy consumption and generation, BMI solar solutions offer optimum compatibility between roof elements and PV panels on both flat and pitched roofs, turning your roof surface into a green power plant.

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Benefits of solar roofs

Reducing your carbon footprint

The clearest benefit of solar roofs is that they cause no environmental harm - with no CO2 emissions or harsh resource extraction, solar energy is a very clean, green way to generate power and reduce your carbon footprint. 

As power is generated on the rooftop, this reduces your reliance on conventional electricity - lowering the need for fossil fuels and helping to push forward with a new way of thinking about energy, all starting off with your roof as a bastion of sustainable commercial business. 

As well as helping the environment, by investing in a solar PV system, you can also help to improve your company’s reputation and your sustainability credentials.

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Generating power and income

A solar PV solution isn’t only beneficial for our planet, it can act as an important asset to benefit your finances. 

Firstly, once you’ve made the initial investment of installing solar panels, you’ll see an immediate reduction in property operational costs: by reducing your reliance on conventional power, solar delivers a long-term sustainable payback on your initial investment. Together with improved sustainability, this can raise a building’s rental potential and could also increase the value of the property.

And due to the increased demand, energy prices are predicted to increase: by generating your own power, you’re taking control of your own finances and ensuring that you only buy the electricity you really need.

Ensuring energy security and price stability

Due to increasing demand, energy prices are predicted to rise: by generating your own power, you’re taking control of your own finances and ensuring that you’re only buying what you need.
Aerial view of commercial building’s roof fitted with solar panels

Is your property suitable for solar panels?

BMI solar solutions are flexible to fit the vast majority of roof spaces, while offering maximum energy output. There are a few things to bear in mind when considering installation of solar roofing:

  • If the roof is pitched, which way does it face? North-facing roofs aren’t generally advisable - the amount of electricity generated will be limited because of the lack of sunlight

  • Is there a lot of shade on the roof? Surrounding high-rise buildings can sometimes mean city rooftops are in shadow for a lot of hours. This will limit the effectiveness of a solar roof

Our team will be happy to advise and help you to understand the cost of the project and how we can adapt your roof space.
Photovoltaic panels on flat roof

The BMI Sunscape range

BMI Sunscape isn’t just solar panels - it’s a range of complete solar roof solutions. Matching photovoltaic cells with full roof systems, it turns any commercial building into a green power plant - making businesses more sustainable, reducing the impact on the environment, as well as becoming a financial asset and even another source of revenue.

Our industry-leading solutions bring together high-performance tiles, fittings and components all in one complete package.

PV Indax

PV Indax is a robust, reliable PV solution, which combines grid-based cells with a tailored roof system. One of the main benefits of PV Indax is its versatility - it’s designed to work with almost every kind of roof tile or surface. As with our other PV system, it requires minimal maintenance, and is highly resistant to extreme weather.

Benefits of this solution include:

  • Compatible with almost all types of roof tile
  • Beautiful aesthetics and performance through complete integration
  • Consistently high performance and efficiency in solar generation
  • Exceptional ventilation for reliable performance in all weathers
  • A long lifespan of dependability – with minimal maintenance
  • Tested and proven to withstand rain, wind and fire
  • Quick, easy and safe to install
  • Fully guaranteed, with the support and care of BMI
PV Indax Solar panels

PV Premium

With PV Premium, the photovoltaic panels are a seamless part of the roof, combining excellent performance with stunning good looks. The plastic-free design represents the highest standards of solar panel engineering and integrated roof design. To avoid overheating and heat loss, the PV Premium system features a special substructure and ventilation slots.

Benefits of this solution include:

  • The perfect balance of performance and aesthetics
  • Engineered to deliver optimum energy yield and ventilation
  • A long lifetime of reliable protection and performance
  • Tested and proven to withstand rain, wind and fire
  • Quick, easy and safe to install
  • Fully guaranteed, with the support and care of BMI
  • The first TÜV-certified photovoltaic in-roof system.
PV Premium solar panels