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Case study

Family life thrives under solar roof

A contemporary family home in Germany prepares for the future with our integrated solar roof solution.
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A family home in Deining Germany


Clean Lines, Cleaner Energy

Family life can be hectic and unpredictable. So, when a family in Deining, Germany were looking for a roof for their new home, they needed a reliable solution that could do more than just protect them from the elements. To support their growing needs in a sustainable way, they decided to invest in a home solar PV roof system. However, it was important that the selected scheme would not detract from their vision for a modern yet modest pitched-roof design and, of course, it needed to be affordable.


To create an aesthetically-appealing solar roof suited to the family’s requirements and budget, BMI designed a bespoke system using a combination of our BMI Braas Tegalit flat concrete tiles and powerful BMI Braas PV Premium tiles. Rather than sitting on top of the roof like traditional solar panels, the solar modules look just like glass versions of the surrounding Tegalit roof tiles, providing an uninterrupted pitched roofline. This creates a sleek, integrated covering that performs the same protective function as roof tiles whilst generating clean electricity for the family to use. The modern aesthetic is completed with the geometric simplicity of our matt granite Tegalit concrete tiles. Their soft grey colour matches the cool monochrome palette used across the building, evoking a sense of serenity as you approach the entrance.
A family home in Deining Germany


The completed roof delivers a robust solution that enhances, rather than detracts from, the home’s contemporary feel. The seamless integration of the solar PV tile modules in the roof design showcases how sustainable technologies can look good as well as do good for homeowners.

With this advanced technology working away above their heads, the family can now get on with enjoying everyday life together, confident that their sheltering roof is also delivering them a great return on investment.