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Case Study

Past meets present at home in rural England

A new-build home in the UK blends the roofing traditions of the past with the latest energy-efficient technology.
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Past meets present at home in rural England


A forward-thinking build rooted in the past

When experienced self-builders Richard and Jo Collings, set out to replace an old 1960s bungalow in rural Warwickshire with a modern four-bedroom home, they knew looks would be important. Not only was the site located within a conservation zone, but it was also situated next to a sensitively restored Norman Church. Therefore, it was vital that the materials they chose complemented the historical feel of the area and concealed the more modern aspects of their plans, such as a heat-recovery system.


The Collings embraced the traditional aesthetics of their home’s surroundings, selecting the Albury tiles from our Redland Rosemary Clay Craftsman range to cover their new roof. Designed to replicate the look of handmade clay tiles, Albury has a fine orange-red sanding over the surface, a random black-weathered patterning and varying hanging lengths. This ensured a heritage look with all the strength of a modern tile, guaranteeing compliance with the strict stipulations of the local planning authority.
Past meets present at home in rural England


By blending traditional aesthetics with 21st century energy efficiency, the Collings have created a comfortable home which both they and their local parish can enjoy for many years to come. The new roof matches the texture and feel of the restored Norman church and surrounding houses, whilst ensuring the eco-friendly heat-recovery system stays out of sight.