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Case Study

Tiles bring heritage charm to new home

One family used Clay Craftsman tiles on their new home to capture a period aesthetic whilst still enjoying the benefits of modern construction.
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Tiles bring heritage charm to new home


Clay tiles create cosy comfort

Self-builds are projects of passion, allowing owners to define every detail of their home to perfectly reflect their needs and desires. The Taylor family approached their plot on the Surrey Downs with a clear vision for a period-styled property concealing innovative new features. As owner of PARRL Energy, James Taylor was particularly keen to ensure that the home used energy intelligently. Working with architects, Goater Jones LLP, James began from the top. In most houses, the majority of wasted heat escapes through the roof. So, for the large six-bedroom home, the roof needed to be both well insulated and securely covered.
Tiles bring heritage charm to new home


Having chosen traditional Surrey yellow bricks for the walls of the home, James wanted warm-coloured tiles that would complement and enrich its appearance. Drawing on his knowledge of conservation construction, he chose the Albury tile from our Rosemary Clay Craftsman range. The orange red sanded tiles are dappled with black patterning, flawlessly imitating the appearance of well-weathered tiles. To take full advantage of their luxury appearance and to reflect other local buildings, the tiles are also used vertically on the eaves of the property.

Whilst they may look well worn, the tiles have all the strength and solidity you would expect from a brand-new product, protecting both the rooms and the insulation layer below. As James explains, they outperformed even his expectations: “I always order additional tiles to make up for breakages and in this case there were loads left over because they simply didn’t break.”
Tiles bring heritage charm to new home


The finished home sits gently within the landscape, appearing as if it has been there for decades. The Albury tiles with their varied hanging lengths and irregular front edge create a distinctive heritage feel to this new dwelling. The result is a haven which radiates class and quality and gives the Taylor’s pride every time they arrive home.