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It matters to us that our products and systems perform as intended, and that businesses who use our products do well. We believe that roofing is a highly skilled profession, with competency and quality at its core. There is a vital relationship between BMI as a manufacturer and supplier of whole roofing solutions, and the people we rely on to create the finished roofs.

BMI local roofing partnership programmes will build trust with property owners by providing the end customer with the best solutions and guarantees, roofing contractor training to the highest level of competency, partnership with unparalleled support and helping roofing contractors to develop their businesses. Whether you are an individual, running your own business or a large company, BMI will support you with specific training in our products, and partnership with you to ensure exceptional installations time and time again.

Build your business

Being part of a local BMI roofing partnership programme means that BMI will support you to grow your business. As well as in-depth training in the installation of our systems and solutions, we also mentor partners in areas such as customer service, helping to increase customer satisfaction levels and business professionalism. We help roofing contractors to communicate the value of service and maintenance to building owners, creating ongoing work and further strengthening customer relationships. 

An easy to use roofing contractor portal makes project management and guarantee tracking straightforward. Everything can be logged in one place, providing a comprehensive record of jobs, and automated reminders for maintenance as part of the guarantees. 

The portal will also provide you with high quality marketing materials ensure that you have the latest information at your fingertips, and can quickly and easily show customers the wide range of choices BMI can offer.

But it won’t stop there. BMI is committed to providing roofing contractors with the resources and support of other established brands that help provide efficiencies, improved safety and contribute to reducing your business costs. 

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Join the BMI team

Become part of the changing move of qualified roofing contractors.

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Reduce your risk

For many roofing contractors, liability can be a worry if a roof suffers any kind of failure. BMI takes some of the stress out of your business by providing comprehensive guarantees that reduce your risk and provide your customers with continuity of care and peace of mind.

As a registered local roofing partnership member you can access the highest level of BMI backed assurance, which covers installation as well as the products and systems used.

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We can reduce your risk with our edge to edge guarantees. 

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Increase your skills

Our confidence in your installation of BMI systems is rooted in the training you will receive as a roofing partnership member. This not only covers competence in traditional roofing techniques, but also gives you the opportunity to learn about new methods and to stay ahead with the latest developments in all kinds of roofing technology. Because we offer both flat and pitched roof solutions, you can access our expertise in both areas, and expand your knowledge base.

Our ambition is for contractors who are BMI-registered local roofing partnership members to become synonymous with excellent skills, service and after sales care.

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