BMI Coverland 30 Year Concrete Guarantee
BMI Coverland
01 May 2020

BMI Coverland 30 Year Concrete Guarantee

A lot can change in 30 years, but your roof doesn't have to be one of them
30 Year Functional guarantee

Now more than ever we realise the importance of home, your shelter, your safe zone...where you feel secure and where you have peace of mind


At BMI Coverland we help build communities by providing shelter, protection and peace of mind through effective and innovative roofing and waterproofing solutions, designed to transform the way people live and work. 


A lot can change in 30 years, but your roof doesn’t have to.  With a track record of more than 70 years and the backing of BMI Technical Center, we are proud to launch our 30 Year Roof Tile Guarantee. Your roof is your protection from the elements, your shelter and with our guarantee, your peace of mind. Our concrete tiles are guaranteed against the event of damage to the weather resistance of the product resulting from a manufacturing defect. In the unlikely event that damage occurs, BMI Coverland will repair the affected product for the lifetime of the guarantee.



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