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More than Shelter

Complete solutions from a single source

For a roof to perform at its full potential, all of its components must work in harmony. For this reason, BMI designs and supplies, not only torch applied membranes, but complete flat roof solutions. This allows simpler specification and installation, ensuring your roof will continue to meet expectations throughout your building’s lifespan.

Flat roofs offer more than just a shelter. They can become an extra living space for your family, help to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, or even serve as a garden space for the whole community. Whatever you want to achieve, we have the right solution for your project.
Green Roof in Paris, France

Your Project

We can offer guidance and support to enable you to achieve the best results on any project.

Paraplast 4GS being applied on house roof
Creating Your Dream Roof

We can help you find the right roof for you, along with the support you need to keep it well maintained.

For Homeowners
 Parafor Solo Nox-Activ
Reaching a roof’s potential

From initial planning through to completion, we can provide the tools and knowledge you need.

For Professionals

A Greener Future

Strong and sustainable

Green roofs create beautiful natural spaces, even in the heart of the city. In addition to having a positive effect on the wider environment through their sustainability and biodiversity, they can also provide spaces and views for occupants to enjoy, improving their sense of wellbeing.

BMI South Africa offers a comprehensive range of green roof solutions, featuring a high-quality insulated roofing system overlaid with vegetation. From extensive non-walkable surfaces designed to create beautiful natural views, to intensive walkable options that can become rooftop gardens, the solutions can reduce stormwater run-off and can improve overall building performance by protecting roof surfaces from extreme weather.

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Green Roof in Paris, France