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Introducing a global force to waterproofing

Premium waterproofing solutions create a blank canvas for spaces that generate energy, protect the environment or provide room to breathe.
Paraplast S 3mm, 4mm GS torch-applied bitumen membrane
Paraplast S 3mm, 4mm GS

Paraplast 3 & 4 mm + GS is a torch-applied, high performance polyester reinforced APP modified plastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane for low pitched concrete or timber roofs.

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Fondorfor ‘S’ anti-roots membrane
Fondorfor ‘S’

A torch applied, high-performance polyester reinforced SBS modified waterproofing membrane with a high quality dispersed anti-root additive that will resist root penetration.

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Our Technologies

We have developed a wide range of products and systems to address modern construction needs and satisfy evolving environmental standards.

Our History

BMI brings over a century of expertise to our versatile roofing solutions

Our history is rooted in providing market-leading quality. We were established in 1876 by Danish master carpenter and roof repair specialist, Jens Villadsen, who had a keen interest in improving the construction and maintenance methods of the time.

In 1894, Villadsen invented a faster, safer method for sealing roof felt and zinc roofing and opened his first factory in Frederiksberg, Denmark. He also acquired the distribution rights to an asphalt preparation, which he marketed under the name Icopal. His legacy has grown to encompass an expansive range of solutions underpinned by expertise and unrivalled innovation.

We have provided revolutionary solutions around the world for over a century and, having joined BMI Group in 2017, we are proud to build on our heritage of craftsmanship and excellence.