What are the benefits of a green roof?
18 February 2019

What are the benefits of a green roof?

Suitable for all kinds of climates, green roofs are a sustainable roofing solution that is growing in popularity. But why invest in one for your home?
Green roof and London skyline

Ten key benefits for homeowners

From environmental to economical, green roofs offer many positives

1. Enriches appearances

A green roof can enhance the appearance of any home. Whether you are in the countryside or the heart of the city, they create beautiful natural views that both you and passers-by can enjoy.

2. Purifies the air

Plants and grasses filter pollution particles out of the air, converting carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen. This purifies the air surrounding your home, helping you and your family to breathe easier.

3. Improves local biodiversity

Plants and flowers can also help to provide a safe shelter and nourishment for all kinds of animals and insects, including birds, bees and butterflies.

4. Increases sense of wellbeing

Being in nature has a positive effect on our sense of wellbeing. Walkable green roofs create additional garden space to relax, socialise or even get your hands dirty and grow your own vegetables or herbs!

5. Contributes to energy efficiency

Whatever roofing solution you choose, you want it to contribute to your home’s overall performance. The vegetation layer can help to improve the thermal efficiency of the roof by trapping air in cooler weather and absorbing and reflecting heat during warmer periods. This reduces the demand on heating and cooling systems, potentially helping you to save money on your bills.

6. Manages rainwater

Green roofs offer an effective solution for water management. When it rains, the water is stored by the plants and the drainage systems. This delays the water runoff, helping to reduce groundwater and the pressure on local wastewater systems in extreme weather.

7. Protects the roof structure

A green roof solution can also protect the roof surface from the elements, from wind and rain to UV rays. This offers long-term peace of mind that your roof will remain a reliable shelter for decades to come.

8. Supports roof maintenance

By creating a beautiful outdoor space, green roofs also encourage people to spend time looking at their roof. This makes you more likely to spot any signs of wear and tear, and get any problems solved quickly before they become a large expense.

9. Reduces noise

In addition to looking serene on the outside, green roofs can also help to ensure a peaceful home. The soil, plants and layers of air trapped between them acts as an effective sound barrier, making them perfect for homes in noisy locations or that are subject to heavy rainfall.

10. Increases building value

Unlocking the potential of this unutilised roof space, creating an additional garden space, can not only improve your lifestyle but can increase your home’s value when it comes to sale or rent.

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